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 * Copyright (C) 2004,2005  Heinz Mauelshagen, Red Hat GmbH.
 *                          All rights reserved.
 * See file LICENSE at the top of this source tree for license information.

#ifndef _LIB_CONTEXT_H_
#define _LIB_CONTEXT_H_

#include <dmraid/list.h>
#include <dmraid/locking.h>
#include <dmraid/misc.h>

enum lc_lists {
      LC_FORMATS = 0,   /* Metadata format handlers. */
      LC_DISK_INFOS,    /* Disks discovered. */
      LC_RAID_DEVS,     /* Raid devices discovered. */
      LC_RAID_SETS,     /* Raid sets grouped. */
      /* Add new lists below here ! */
      LC_LISTS_SIZE,    /* Must be the last enumerator. */

/* List access macros. */
#define     LC_FMT(lc)  (lc_list((lc), LC_FORMATS))
#define     LC_DI(lc)   (lc_list((lc), LC_DISK_INFOS))
#define     LC_RD(lc)   (lc_list((lc), LC_RAID_DEVS))
#define     LC_RS(lc)   (lc_list((lc), LC_RAID_SETS))

enum lc_options {
      LC_COLUMN = 0,
      LC_DEVICES,   /* Add new options below this one ! */
      LC_OPTIONS_SIZE,  /* Must be the last enumerator. */

/* Options access macros. */
/* Return option counter. */
#define     OPT_COLUMN(lc)          (lc_opt(lc, LC_COLUMN))
#define     OPT_DEBUG(lc)           (lc_opt(lc, LC_DEBUG))
#define     OPT_DEVICES(lc)         (lc_opt(lc, LC_DEVICES))
#define     OPT_DUMP(lc)            (lc_opt(lc, LC_DUMP))
#define     OPT_GROUP(lc)           (lc_opt(lc, LC_GROUP))
#define     OPT_FORMAT(lc)          (lc_opt(lc, LC_FORMAT))
#define     OPT_IGNORELOCKING(lc)   (lc_opt(lc, LC_IGNORELOCKING))
#define     OPT_SEPARATOR(lc) (lc_opt(lc, LC_SEPARATOR))
#define     OPT_SETS(lc)            (lc_opt(lc, LC_SETS))
#define     OPT_TEST(lc)            (lc_opt(lc, LC_TEST))
#define     OPT_VERBOSE(lc)         (lc_opt(lc, LC_VERBOSE))

/* Return option value. */
#define     OPT_STR(lc, o)          (lc->options[o].arg.str)
#define     OPT_STR_COLUMN(lc)      OPT_STR(lc, LC_COLUMN)
#define     OPT_STR_FORMAT(lc)      OPT_STR(lc, LC_FORMAT)

struct lib_version {
      const char *text;
      const char *date;
      struct {
            unsigned int major;
            unsigned int minor;
            unsigned int sub_minor;
            const char *suffix;
      } v;

struct lib_options {
      int opt;
      union {
            const char *str;
            uint64_t u64;
            uint64_t u32;
      } arg;

struct lib_context {
      struct lib_version version;
      char *cmd;

      /* Option counters used throughout the library. */
      struct lib_options options[LC_OPTIONS_SIZE];

       * Lists for:
       *    o metadata format handlers the library supports
       *    o block devices discovered
       *    o RAID devices discovered
       *    o RAID sets grouped
      struct list_head lists[LC_LISTS_SIZE];

      char *locking_name;           /* Locking mechanism selector. */
      struct      locking *lock;          /* Resource locking. */

      mode_t      mode;             /* File/directrory create modes. */

      struct {
            const char *error;      /* For error mappings. */
      } path;

extern struct lib_context *alloc_lib_context(char **argv);
extern void free_lib_context(struct lib_context *lc);
extern int lc_opt(struct lib_context *lc, enum lc_options o);
const char *lc_opt_arg(struct lib_context *lc, enum lc_options o);
const char *lc_stralloc_opt(struct lib_context *lc, enum lc_options o,
                     char *arg);
const char *lc_strcat_opt(struct lib_context *lc, enum lc_options o,
                    char *arg, const char delim);
extern int lc_inc_opt(struct lib_context *lc, int o);
extern struct list_head *lc_list(struct lib_context *lc, int l);

extern const char *libdmraid_date(struct lib_context *lc);
extern const char *libdmraid_version(struct lib_context *lc);


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