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 * Copyright (C) 2004-2008  Heinz Mauelshagen, Red Hat GmbH.
 *                          All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (C) 2007   Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
 * November, 2007 - additions for Create, Delete, Rebuild & Raid 10. 
 * See file LICENSE at the top of this source tree for license information.

#ifndef     _FORMAT_H_
#define     _FORMAT_H_


#include <sys/types.h>
#include <dmraid/list.h>
#include <dmraid/metadata.h>

/* Metadata format handler types. */
enum fmt_type {

 * Various structures for data whipped with the different event types.
/* Event: I/O error */
struct event_io {
      struct raid_set *rs;    /* RAID set of I/O error. */
      struct raid_dev *rd;    /* RAID device of I/O error. */
      uint64_t sector;  /* Sector of the I/O error. */

/* Event: RAID device add/remove */
enum rd_action {

struct event_rd {
      struct raid_set *rs;
      struct raid_dev *rd;
      enum rd_action action;

 * List of event handler functions to call for the metadata format handler.
 * Return 1 for event taken, RAID device write necessary.
 * Return 0 for error and/or write unnecessary.
struct event_handlers {
      /* Handle IO error */
      int (*io) (struct lib_context * lc, struct event_io * e_io);

      /* Handle RAID device add/remove. */
      int (*rd) (struct lib_context * lc, struct event_rd * e_rd);

 * Hot-spare search types list: it can be searched locally/globally 
enum scope {
      t_scope_local = 0x01,
      t_scope_global = 0x02

/* Metadata Handler commands */
enum handler_commands {
      /* ... */

/* Union to return metadata_handler information. */
struct handler_info {
      unsigned short size;

      union {
            char *str;
            void *ptr;
            int8_t i8;
            int16_t i16;
            int32_t i32;
            int64_t i64;
            uint8_t u8;
            uint16_t u16;
            uint32_t u32;
            uint64_t u64;
      } data;

 * Virtual interface definition of a metadata format handler.
struct dmraid_format {
      const char *name; /* Format name */
      const char *descr;      /* Format description */
      const char *caps; /* Capabilities (RAID levels supported) */
      enum fmt_type format;   /* Format type (RAID, partition) */

       * Read RAID metadata off a device and unify it.
      struct raid_dev *(*read) (struct lib_context * lc,
                          struct dev_info * di);

       * Write RAID metadata to a device deunifying it
       * or erase ondisk metadata if erase != 0.
      int (*write) (struct lib_context * lc, struct raid_dev * rd, int erase);

       * delete RAID metadata to devices.
      int (*delete) (struct lib_context * lc, struct raid_set * rs);

       * create RAID metadata to devices.
      int (*create) (struct lib_context * lc, struct raid_set * rs);

       * Group a RAID device into a set.
      struct raid_set *(*group) (struct lib_context * lc,
                           struct raid_dev * rd);

       * Check consistency of the RAID set metadata.
      int (*check) (struct lib_context * lc, struct raid_set * rs);

      /* Metadata handler. */
      int (*metadata_handler) (struct lib_context * lc,
                         enum handler_commands command,
                         struct handler_info * info, void *ptr);

       * Event handlers (eg, I/O error).
      struct event_handlers *events;

       * Hot-spare disk search scope 
      enum scope scope;
       * Display RAID disk metadata native.
      void (*log) (struct lib_context * lc, struct raid_dev * rd);

/* Chain of registered format handlers (needed for library context). */
struct format_list {
      struct list_head list;
      struct dmraid_format *fmt;

int register_format_handlers(struct lib_context *lc);
extern void unregister_format_handlers(struct lib_context *lc);

 * Format core function used by (all) metadata format handlers.
#define     NO_CHECK_RD NULL
extern int check_raid_set(struct lib_context *lc, struct raid_set *rs,
                    unsigned int (*f_devices) (struct raid_dev * rd,
                                         void *context),
                    void *f_devices_context,
                    int (*f_check) (struct lib_context * lc,
                                struct raid_set * rs,
                                struct raid_dev * rd, void *context),
                    void *f_check_context, const char *handler);
extern int check_valid_format(struct lib_context *lc, char *fmt);
extern int init_raid_set(struct lib_context *lc, struct raid_set *rs,
                   struct raid_dev *rd, unsigned int stride,
                   unsigned int type, const char *handler);
extern const char **get_format_caps(struct lib_context *lc,
                            struct dmraid_format *fmt);
extern void free_format_caps(struct lib_context *lc, const char **caps);

union read_info {
      void *ptr;
      uint32_t u32;
      uint64_t u64;

struct raid_dev *read_raid_dev(struct lib_context *lc,
                         struct dev_info *di,
                         void *(*f_read_metadata) (struct lib_context *
                                           struct dev_info * di,
                                           size_t * size,
                                           uint64_t * offset,
                                           union read_info *
                                           info), size_t size,
                         uint64_t offset, void (*f_to_cpu) (void *meta),
                         int (*f_is_meta) (struct lib_context * lc,
                                     struct dev_info * di,
                                     void *meta),
                         void (*f_file_metadata) (struct lib_context *
                                          struct dev_info * di,
                                          void *meta),
                         int (*f_setup_rd) (struct lib_context * lc,
                                      struct raid_dev * rd,
                                      struct dev_info * di,
                                      void *meta,
                                      union read_info * info),
                         const char *handler);

extern void *alloc_meta_areas(struct lib_context *lc, struct raid_dev *rd,
                        const char *who, unsigned int n);
extern void *alloc_private(struct lib_context *lc, const char *who,
                     size_t size);
extern void *alloc_private_and_read(struct lib_context *lc, const char *who,
                            size_t size, char *path, loff_t offset);
extern struct raid_set *join_superset(struct lib_context *lc,
                              char *(*f_name) (struct lib_context * lc,
                                           struct raid_dev * rd,
                                           unsigned int subset),
                              void (*f_create) (struct raid_set *
                                          super, void *private),
                              int (*f_set_sort) (struct list_head *
                                           struct list_head *
                              struct raid_set *rs, struct raid_dev *rd);
extern int register_format_handler(struct lib_context *lc,
                           struct dmraid_format *fmt);
extern int write_metadata(struct lib_context *lc, const char *handler,
                    struct raid_dev *rd, int meta_index, int erase);
extern int log_zero_sectors(struct lib_context *lc, char *path,
                      const char *handler);

#define     to_disk     to_cpu

#define struct_offset(s, member) ((size_t) &((struct s *) 0)->member)

/* Print macros used in log methods. */

/* Undefine this to avoid offsets in metadata logging. */
#define     P_FMT "0x%03x "
#define     P_OFF(x, basevar, y...) \
      ((unsigned long) &x - (unsigned long) basevar), y
#define     P_FMT
#define     P_OFF(x, basevar, y...) y

#define     P(format, basevar, x, y...) \
      do { log_print(lc, P_FMT format, P_OFF(x, basevar, y)); } while(0)

#define     P2(format, basevar, i, x) \
      do { P(format, basevar, x, i, x); } while(0)
#define     DP(format, basevar, x) \
      do { P(format, basevar, x, x); } while(0)

 * RAID device, set and vendor metadata retrieval macros.
#define     DEVS(rs)    (!list_empty(&((struct raid_set *) (rs))->devs))
#define     SETS(rs)    (!list_empty(&((struct raid_set *) (rs))->sets))

#define     META(rd, type)    ((struct type*) ((struct raid_dev*) (rd))->meta_areas->area)
#define     RD(pos)           (list_entry(pos, struct raid_dev, devs))
#define     RS(pos)           (list_entry(pos, struct raid_set, list))
#define RD_RS(rs) (RD((((struct raid_set*) (rs))->devs.next)))
#define RS_RS(rs) ((struct raid_set*) (rs)->sets.next)

#define     HANDLER_LEN sizeof(HANDLER)

#endif /* ifdef FORMAT_HANDLER */


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