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 * Copyright (C) 2004,2005  Heinz Mauelshagen, Red Hat GmbH.
 *                          All rights reserved.
 * See file LICENSE at the top of this source tree for license information.

/* Thx scsiinfo */

#ifndef     _ATA_H_
#define     _ATA_H_

struct ata_identify {
      unsigned short dummy[10];
#define     ATA_SERIAL_LEN    20
      unsigned char serial[ATA_SERIAL_LEN];
      unsigned short dummy1[3];
      unsigned char fw_rev[8];
      unsigned char model[40];
      unsigned short dummy2[33];
      unsigned short major_rev_num;
      unsigned short minor_rev_num;
      unsigned short command_set_1;
      unsigned short command_set_2;
      unsigned short command_set_extension;
      unsigned short cfs_enable_1;
      unsigned short dummy3;
      unsigned short csf_default;
      unsigned short dummy4[168];

#define HDIO_DRIVE_CMD    0x031F

struct lib_context;
int get_ata_serial(struct lib_context *lc, int fd, struct dev_info *di);


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